24 hours in a Bangkok hostel: Hookers, Jugglers, and Hangovers

24 hours in a Bangkok hostel-hookers, jugglers, and hangovers

Hostel life is a real spin of the wheel, you never know how your luck will hold out. You book your hostel on the internet and there are all these glamorous photos and reviews, but you truly never know what you are going to get. There is always the indeterminable human factor.  It’s the factor that can change any hostel situation to anything from incredible to regrettable.

For instance as I’m sitting here in my Bangkok hostel writing this blog post there is a man furiously juggling next to me standing in the middle of the computer room.  Why you ask? Why not? He paid to be here as well, so juggle on he will. I guess that could be he is icebreaker; he’s great with balls.

There was neither a party nor a train at this hostel.
There was neither a party nor a train at this hostel in Russia.

 People are always the main factor for me when traveling, they can make or break a situation, or just make it weird like juggler guy here who is really getting after it.  For instance a good example of a perk that people provide in this particular hostel is the shared food table. It’s a table that someone who runs this hostel thought up where people could leave extra or leftover food for other travelers. Last night I had some weird fruit people left behind, guava and something covered in strange curvy spikes, and it was pretty cool experience and delicious. Then this morning I had free banana bread and a coffee, a great way to start another steamy Thai day.

Now humans like all animals can be suited to either daylight hours or nocturnal comings and goings. This guy in my 5 person shared room, a 24ish year old American guy, he sleeps all damn day long and he doesn’t begin lumbering around until about 4pm. But what he does do without fail is bring a hooker home every single night and has sex with her for at least 2 hours locked in our shared bathroom, the only one I have access to on our 4th floor, aside from the one on the ground level.  This means every night I have to take a leak before I go to bed I can’t because this creeper is getting his rocks off, so I either walk my tired lazy ass down to the 1st floor or hold it until morning. Either way I go to bed with headphones on so I don’t have to listen to this guy getting his boom-boom.

Nice lil Bangkok Hostel.
Fancy pants Bangkok Hostel.

The other guys in my room, a Dutchman and a German, are actually pretty awesome and my buddy Steve and I spent the night drinking with them on the patio until about 5 a.m.  We got a cheap bottle of Hong Thong Thai whiskey and a bottle of some other Thai liquor that we had no idea what it was other than it tasted a little like saki and kicked like a mule. From these guys I learned more about their countries, where to go if I visit, and the places they had been so far here in Bangkok they thought were cool. It also provided an opportunity for the four of us to blow off steam and complain as a unified group about the asshole upstairs locked in our bathroom with a hooker.

Hostels are definitely like a human zoo, people from all walks of life and from every country in the world living in an enclosed environment existing side by side. For me, even when there is a hooker locked in my bathroom, the hostel experience is almost always a positive one. I’ve met some really awesome people, some of my life long friends, while staying in hostels. And like any single serving commodity there is no commitment to stay, so you can always just find another one. So as I get ready to pack my bag and move to the next place I look forward to next crazy combination of strangers I’ll meet and the spontaneous adventures they will provide.

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