Don’t Heisitate to Plan a Holiday to Faro

The Algarve attracts millions of tourist ever year, famed for its world-class beaches and year round sunshine. Many head straight to one of its lively resort towns without visiting the island’s capital. Don’t make this same mistake as Faro is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do.

Local cuisine

There’s no shortage of outstanding eateries with plenty of authentic Portuguese restaurants and café’s to choose from. Fresh seafood can be found almost anywhere, but it’s especially good at the marina. Overlooking the city and bay, is Faro e Benfica – a charming restaurant serving up a culinary feast. Be sure to try their signature dish, Acorda de mariscos. This hearty seafood stew may be the best on the island.

Mesa das Mouros, translated to The Moors’ Table is another favorite amongst locals. Tucked away opposite a 13th-century cathedral, it’s famed for its wild boar and clams. For a great souvenir, the indoor market, Mercado Municipal is worth a visit. You’ll find anything from handmade cheese to local wines and olive oil.


To escape the heat, visit the largest indoor shopping center on the Island, The Forum Algarve. It has a great selection of high-end retailers and there’s even a cinema. It also hosts weekly events from catwalk shows to concerts. The street of Rua de Santo Antonia is a popular spot for shopaholics. There’s a variety of unusual boutique stores alongside souvenir stalls and laid-back café‘s.


With its large university population, this city has an active night life throughout the year. Venues offer something for everyone with quaint bars, traditional entertainment, and live music. Upa Upa Café and Bar is a great place to meet the friendly locals and sip on cocktails until the early hours. Millennium III is one of the trendiest clubs on the island. International DJ’s play a thumping mix of house music and Latin classics. Be sure to arrive after midnight as the party doesn’t get started until late.

Cultural gems

Arco da Villa is the impressive archway into the city’s old town. Here you can explore its many ancient treasures from old churches to charming architecture and national monuments. The 13th-century, Cathedral of Faro is the most visited attraction in the city. With both Renaissance and Baroque influences, it’s sure to impress. It’s also home to some beautiful artwork and intricate ceramic tiles. From here, visit the municipal museum, which is housed in a restored 16th-century convent. This has some spectacular Roman artifacts including mosaics and sculptures.



There are many beaches surrounding the city of Faro, which are often overlooked. Unspoiled by mass tourism, many of these remain quiet and secluded. Catching a bus to the nearby Faro Beach makes for a great day out. With its shallow waters and protected bay, it’s also perfect for small children.

These are only 5 suggestions of things to do in Faro, but the city has several other attractions to explore. If you’re planning that trip to Portugal, be sure to pay it a visit.

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