The Language of Love: 10 Pick-Up Lines to help you Get Lucky around the World.

The Language of Love: Top 10 Pick-Up Lines to help you get Lucky around the World.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the horrible,  crippling, depressing loneliness that invades so many single people’s lives around the world during this time I’ve decided no matter where you are this February 14th, I’m going to try to help you get lucky.

That’s right the ol’ Shameless Traveler is going to try to help and get you some. I’m not doing it alone though, I’ve asked several local experts (my friends) around the world what are the best pick up lines in their country and how to say them in their native language.

“We’re up all night to get lucky!”

I’m giving you a multi-lingual hair trigger Gatling gun locked and stocked with pick-up lines to dispense like Rambo on Red Bull and I’m doing it for free baby, on the house. Unsubscribe to that online dating website right now, you don’t need that weak shit anymore, I got your back. So, without further ado:


Local Expert is from: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Line: :

“Oye mami, ven aca, como estas? Tienes nalgas maravillosas!”

English Translation:

“Hey mama, come here, how are you? You have marvelous buttocks!”


Local Expert is from: The Philippines

Language: Filipino

Line: :

“Pustiso ka ba? Kasi hindi ako makangiti ng wala ka”

English Translation:

“Are you a denture? Cause I can’t smile without you.”


Local Expert is from: Japan

Language: Japanese

Line: :

“Mata atta-ne? Aishiteru-kedo kekkon wa dekinai. Nanka nomu?

English Translation:


“So we’ve met again, eh? I love you, but I can’t marry you. Do you want to drink something?”

This Japanese fella here is thinking,
This Japanese fella here is thinking, “I guess this means no more pick-up lines? It was a good run.”

Local Expert is from: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Line: :

 “Hatakhtonim sheli akhilim.”

English Translation:

“My underwear is edible.”


Local Expert is from: Finland

Language: Finnish

Line: :

 “Hei, sulla on ihana hymy ja kauniit hampaat. Onks ne omat? Meille vai teille?”

English Translation:

“You have such a beautiful smile and teeth. Are those your own? So, your place or my place?”


Local Expert is from: Slovakia

Language: Slovak

Line: :

 “Zahmlieva sa mi pred očami z tvojej krásy, Si taká pekná, že sa mi hneď postavil.”

English Translation:

“I feel like fainting when I see your beauty, your beauty makes me feel like my pants are far too tight.”

This little Russian dude in the backpack nows that chicks are desperate and wanting at weddings.
This little Russian dude in the backpack knows that chicks are desperate and wanting at weddings. “So, I noticed we’re both wearing stuffed animal backpacks, wanna get a juice box?”

Local Expert is from: Iran

Language: Farsi/Persian

Line: :

“Allah mardomrah joft dorost kardand. Mikhayn baham doost shim, vah bezareen man ye nigah zireh roosaritoon konam emshab?”

English Translation:

“Allah created humanity in pairs, wanna get together and let me peak under that veil tonight?”


Local Expert is from: Germany

Language: German

Line: :

“Deine Augen sind so schön, sie hätten den Eisberg vor der Titanic zum schmelzen gebracht. Ich habe meine Telefonnummer vergessen, kann ich deine haben?”

English Translation:

“Your eyes are so beautiful, they would have melted the iceberg in front of the Titanic! I have lost my phone number, can I have yours instead?”


Local Expert is from: Korea

Language: Korean

Line: :

“Sonman jobgo jalkke. Oppa midgie?

English Translation:

“I will just hold your hand, do you trust me?? Let’s just nap for a little bit over there.” (“there” means a love motel)


Local Expert is from: Thailand

Language: Thai

Line: :

“Taa chan bok wa khoon mii roobrang tii som suan khoon ja yeng chan mai?

Chan ja mai non bon puen biaak.”

English Translation:

“If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

But I’m not sleeping on the wet spot.”

Now that you are some sort of super Frankenstein combination of Don Juan, Indiana Jones, and Private Detective John Shaft remember to carry a kind heart as you lay waste to the flesh and blood of Mother Earth’s sons and daughters.  Just because you can use these full proof dynamite mind blowing pick up lines on any unsuspecting foreign love interest you see doesn’t mean you should. With great pick up lines comes great responsibility… and baby mamas and baby daddies.  Until next time lovers and travelers may your lines be air tight, your game be Dolemite-esque, and your true love be only a hostel away. Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. Huge thanks to all my friends around the world who took the time to email me these, you know who you are, by far the best week of email I’ve had in a long, long time. If only they knew how many more you sent me….maybe part 2 in 2015?

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