Weekly Travel Hack: Fix a Busted Sandal with a Bread Clip

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Travel Hack. Last week we learned how to fix our backpack with dental floss.  This week we are going to learn to fix something just as sacred to a backpacker, their beloved sandals, and all we need is a bread clip. 

It is well known that the relationship between backpackers and sandals go back to prehistoric times. There are even cave paintings of Neanderthals attacking wooly mammoths whilst wearing sandals (I made that up for effect but who knows it could be true?).  There is no doubting what a priceless commodity a good sandal can be to a backpacker in a warm climate, ask anyone in Southeast Asia.

Sometimes though, actually every time,  sandals wear out and bust and it is never ever at a convenient time.  In many parts of the world you can’t simply walk around the corner and get a new pair of sandals. So now that you got a flat tire what are you going to do?

Luckily for you this weeks Travel Hack has the answer.  The modern age has brought us the convenient store and those my friend exist in more places than you can ever imagine. And an item you can easily find in a convenient store, or even a store shack on the side of a dirt road,  or maybe even in the trash, is a bread clip that can temporarily fix you sandal.

Behold, the bread clip.
Behold, the bread clip.

All that you have to do is pull the strap of you sandal back through the bottom of the sole where it busted out.

Once it is through the bottom you attach the bread clip above the nub that is no longer holding the strap into place.  The clip acts like a nub extension and BLAMO! you’ve fixed your sandal or at least fixed it for a long enough time to find a place to buy new sandals.

It's like magic!
It’s like magic!

Also, bread clips are tiny, can fit in your wallet even, and if you are a hardcore sandal wearer having one on you is like having a spare tire for your car.

So until next time travelers, may your sandals remain intact and your bread clips be strong.

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