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Shameless Traveler is a travel blog designed for anyone who has aspirations or dreams of traveling. I share my own traveling experiences along with travel tips, advice, and recommendations from across the globe.

Additionally, this blog has been setup to show anyone can travel and live the life they’ve always dreamed and longed for, money doesn’t determine quality of life, and that message of LIVING is carried throughout this blog’s entirety.

Product review policy

As a budget traveler I want my opinions and recommendations to remain credible, so while I am open to products offers/trials/trips, I am careful to recommend only products that I think are relevant and affordable for budget travelers. If you represent a company with a relevant product or service that you think is a good fit for Shameless Traveler, email me (stephen at shamelesstraveler dot com) to have it considered for review. Additionally, my credibility with my readers is my top important priority, so if I review your product and honestly think it is shit, I will say so. It is important for you to know I will NEVER sellout the visitors to my site, that fact will save you the trouble of asking me at a later date.


I would love to feature other travelers experiences out there on the road, so any guests posts will include a description of your blog and a link back to your site. Contact me for more details if you’re interested in guest writing.

I am now blogging full-time, with exponential traffic growth. My page rank is looking to exponentially increase in the next few months and my monthly unique views are doubling monthly.

NOTE: I have a vast array of fellow travel bloggers looking for advertising opportunities, if you need an additional site for advertising feel free to contact me directly about that.

“A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain’t got nothin’.”

Leo Burnett