Below you will see a list of links of people that I think have exemplar travel and lifestyle blogs. Also, I’m lucky enough to call most of them my friends. Additionally, upon request I have added a list of links to martial arts schools and masters I have trained with around the world. I hope that these links can lead you down the path to further inspiration.


- Billieve

- Borderless Travels

- David M. Byrne

- Flora the Explorer

- Laura the Explorer

- Man vs. Clock

- OneStep4Ward

- Romancing the Planet

- The Hungry Suitcase

- Born 2 Travel

- You, You’re Awesome

Martial Arts Schools and Masters

- Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation, Supreme Grand Master Ciriaco “Cacoy” Canete

- International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy, Sigung Richard Bustillo

- Master Toddy’s Muay Thai, Grandmaster Toddy

- Shaolin Temple Traditional Wushu Institute, Master Hu Zheng Sheng