The Traveler

The Traveler

The traveler moves into everyday

As he has trodden into every new world.

He has no name, yet finds rest wherever

Still can be found.

He has no family, yet finds company

In any earnest conversation.

When it’s time to move, he goes.

When it’s time to stop, he beds down.

For the traveler there is no routine

Beside exploration.

In any land he looks strange,

He wears the clothes of the world.

His bags are heavy, but the weight of

The world remains below his feet

Where he wanders across it.

At night he closes his eyes in different beds,

But in sleep he enters familiar dreams.

The traveler belongs to no single nation,

He belongs to them all.

The traveler has an everlasting family,

He is the brother of every man.

He is never lost,

He finds his place

Waiting in every undiscovered land.

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