5 Ways to Make Traveling in Europe Easier

Traveling is simply one of the best things in the world, but like anything else worth doing it can come with its hassles. Europe is one of the most visited destinations on Earth and probably the top destination for most Americans like myself. Europe can be tricky and expensive, but with 5 easy pointers I’ll help you avoid some of that newbie stress.

1.)    Having an international converter is key, but what happens when you forget one and can’t plug in you standard US phone cord into the wall? Easy. Charge any device that has a USB cord in the TV of you hotel or hostel.

2.)    Carrying a map isn’t always a possibility, neither is always having a connection or wifi on your phone. But an easy way to get around this is by going to Google Maps on your device while you do have wifi access and then type in “OK Maps” and the area depicted on your phones screen will save for future access. Additionally you can do this with any map app by simply taking a screen shot of the app with your phone of a desired app.

3.)    Anything can happen when you travel, you can lose your wallet, passport, even your phone. It is always a good idea to have a back up photo copy of your passport in a second location. Additionally, scan a copy of it and email it to yourself and if you have internet access you always have a way to get a copy of your passport.

4.)    Save money on flights by using a private window on your browser and by waiting to book flights until after 4pm on Tuesdays. By using a private window you avoid a mark up on price since travel sites will track how many times you’ve visited and mark the price up simply because you’ve been there before. On Tuesday afternoon major airlines will lower their prices to compete with many of the discount airlines.  

5.)    Save your money on bulky Lonely Planets or other travel books. Instead of using precious backpack space and money on a Lonely Planet use free websites like WikiTravel, GoEuro, or a travel blog like Shameless Traveler here to help plan your adventures. It will not only save you space and money, but usually the info will also be more update.

Well, now you’ve got five easy ways to get around some unnecessary hassles. May your time in Europe be exceptional and your travels be stress free, as always- ST

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